Tire Sculptures Made By An Artist Blake McFarland Are Superbly Awesome

Recycled art is something that has been the trend for over a while now. You may have read our earlier post where an artist Sayaka Ganz converts plastic into recycled sculptures. Just like her, there is a young and talented artist Blake McFarland who makes tire sculptures and we gotta admit that his work is a masterpiece of art. These tire sculptures are mainly inspired by real life animals and they look so amazing that you will forget about any art you have seen in your life.

Blake uses about 100-400 old tires and invests about a month in making a single sculpture. Well, that’s a lot of time and hard work but if you have a look at his work, you will realise the hard work is worth it. Moreover, these tire sculptures are not miniature or small indeed, these are of the same size of the actual animals. Let’s have a look at some of the pictures of these amazing art and the artist himself.

1. Cougar


2. Hammerhead Shark


3. Panda Cub


4. Bronco and Bucky the Badger


5. Bear


6. Jaguar


7. Baboon


8. Bear and Cougar


9. It’s time to meet the talented artist, Blake McFarland.


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Source: www.blakemcfarland.com.


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