Things to Know About Credit Associates Debt Relief

Credit Associates is a reputable debt relief firm and an American Fair Credit Council member. It seeks to follow the code of conduct in the debt relief industry when serving customers – you. Its main role is to negotiate for unsecured loans, including debit and credit cards, and medical and business debts. Read on for more about debt settlement, also known as debt relief, and what you need to know about Credit Associates Debt Relief.


What is Debt Relief?

Debt relief refers to several strategies that make debts easy to handle. For instance, one will need a debit card relief if they struggle to pay for card bills. You may also consider debt consolidation if you are struggling to pay multiple small debts. Moreover, debt management, counselling, and settlement also come under the debt relief umbrella.

One of the firms offering these services is Credit Associates Debt Relief. 

General Information

Credit Associates Debt Relief is a debt settlement firm founded in 2016. It has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Furthermore, it is a recognized member of the American Fair Credit Council, a top professional company in the debt relief industry. Although it serves most locations in the United States, its services are not available in all areas. Consumers positively regard the company as you can learn about Credit Associates from reviews.

Debt Relief Options at The Credit Associates

The overall goal of this firm is to help negotiate a debt settlement with your lenders. This generally results in payments less than the amount you owe your creditor. Some of the debts it can deal with are:

  • Medical bills
  • Unsecured business debts
  • Unsecured debit and credit card debts

Like other debt settlement providers, it can’t help you negotiate settlements secured by home mortgages, car loans, and home equity loans. However, there is no clear information on whether it can help you negotiate student loan settlements.

To qualify for these services, you must be in a legitimate financial crisis such as medical complications, death in your family, or a recent divorce. However, the firm does not disclose other terms and conditions, such as minimum debt level.


No one must pay any upfront fee for Credit Associates’ services; therefore, you only pay charges upon a successful negotiation and mutual agreement with your lenders. In addition, there is no disclosure of typical costs you will incur upon completion of the process.

In most cases, anticipate resolving your debt issues in 24 to 36 months, which is an acceptable margin within the industry’s limits (24-48 months).

Customer Support

Credit Associates reviews show that customer support programs are available all days except on Sundays. You can always reach an office person from 8 am, and 12 am from Mondays to Fridays. On Saturdays, you can reach the customer service desks between 9 am to 9 pm.

You can reach the customer service desk via the number 1-800-983-6693. It is tough to communicate on Sunday since the customer live chat option isn’t available. However, this isn’t a limitation since few debt relief providers work on Sundays.

Advantages of Debt Relief

  • With debt relief services, you can assess financial guidance from experts.
  • You can get your entire or part of your debt waived
  • There is a probable advantage of lower monthly repayment that fits your current situation.
  • It can help you settle your debts without compromising other financial responsibilities and basic needs such as food, shelter, and clothing.
  • You can live a healthy life without harassment from creditors.

By seeking debt relief, you can avoid the many ways debt takes a toll. Consequences include deteriorating mental status, constant spousal fights, lack of sleep, drainage of savings, emotional instability, anxiety due to lender harassment, and more. Understanding these things to know about Credit Associates Debt Relief can be the first step toward a stress-free life.


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