This Japanese Artist’s Banana Art Is A Master Piece

Art can be found even in the mundane things. It just needs the right eyes to recognise it. Japanese artist End cape is one of those fortunate few who has managed to turn the ordinary into extraordinary. This Japanese artist gives tattoos to bananas! His process is time consuming and taxing. End Cape punctures small holes in the banana’s skin using a pin, and this causes the peel to “bruise” and change colour. And thus, banana tattoo. The entire process can take up to five hours or more! However, the results are breathtaking and beautiful. Check out his awesome talent and let us know what think of this ‘Banana art’!

1. See the artist himself working with patience on his projects.


2. We can hardly find the difference between this and the real Mona Lisa painting.


3. Is it a dish for vegetarians or non-vegetarians?


4. Have you seen such an amazing form of art in your life?


5. In our view, this one is the best work of this talented artist.


6. Simple yet so beautiful.


7. Who could have imagined Mount Rushmore on a Banana?


Do let us know if you liked this Banana Art and also, share the post to support the work of this talented artist.



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