How to Make Money as a Comedian

Making it as a comedian can be tough. It’s not always easy to break through. Just ask someone like Damon Wayans Jr. It was even tougher back then. With it being 2021, times have changed, and I don’t want to say it’s gotten easier, but the options you have available to become known are plentiful.

Gig as Much as You Can

Gigs may not come easy nowadays due to the pandemic that has ravaged our world, but things are slowly starting to get back to normal, and restrictions are being lifted. Shows will start happening again, and the tip here is to book as many gigs as you can fit into your schedule. 

It’s been a long, tough past year, and you might be rusty from not performing in front of a real live audience. There is no better way to get back into a groove than to start doing gigs again. Plus let’s face it, not being able to perform for a year was most likely financially taxing. Starting to gig again can provide more cash flow.

Audition for TV Shows

If you really want to take the biggest shot of becoming a famous comedian, there are opportunities out there to do so. There are TV shows like America’s Got Talent and Last Comic Standing that if you can make it through, can be a life-changing event. You don’t even have to win for this to work. Sure if you win that’s the ultimate victory, but just getting on the show can make more people aware of who you are, and it could lead to bigger and better gigs for you.

Hold Virtual Shows

I am throwing this in there due to the state of the world. The pandemic is still around, and virtual shows have become increasingly popular. They may be here to stay. Regardless of the pandemic, you have to factor in the popularity of social media platforms. The live features of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and even ClubHouse have given people all over the world the ability to perform live virtually in their respective fields or careers. The same goes for comedians.

Get Listed on a Talent Directory Site

Yes, directories also exist for talent booking. Explore all of them. It’s become easier for people to hire or book talent over the web or via apps. You should make sure that you are listed as the most popular comedian. If you don’t, it’s just a missed opportunity. More and more people or party throwers are using this method to find entertainment, so don’t miss your chance at being found. Start finding the directories you’d like to get listed on and apply.


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