The Best Way To Buy Used Cars And Vehicles Under $500 In The US

You do not have to rob a bank to zoom past others in your dream car. False narratives are constantly being pushed by the media and ill-informed acquaintances. There are a variety of decent options to secure a cost-effective car. One of such ways is cheap cars for sale under $500 by owner in the US on epicvin from either a private individual. The latter is highly advisable as a result of its perks which would be discussed in the subsequent part of this article.

Why used cars under $500?

All fingers are not equal and there are several reasons for this ranging from the level of income of the individual, exposure, privilege, and a host of other factors. 

The cost of purchasing a new car comes with a great financial burden that often most people can’t afford. How then do we bridge the gap between those who have thousands of dollars to spare to purchase an automobile and those seeking a decent option under $500? 

The answer to this question is in the purchase of used cars under $500. Used cars have several benefits ranging from low insurance costs, elimination of additional fees, and lower depreciation meaning better investment.

Used automobile Purchase options in the US (Walk-in or online option).

There are different ways to buy a car in the US but the most prominent methods are walk-in and online options. Each of these methods is dependent on the particular circumstances of the potential car buyer.

If the car dealership is within your vicinity, then you can consider the walk-in option. With this option, the additional cost that comes with using automobile websites is reduced if not eliminated. 

However, if the dealership is not readily accessible physically or if it doesn’t offer the model of the car you desire, you can explore the online option. 

You should exercise a great deal of caution and patience when buying using an online site. 

Steps in buying used cars in the US (how to make the most of it) 

Buying a used vehicle in the US isn’t child’s play as you have to be meticulous during the process. You would have to inspect various documents, take several precautionary steps and carry out a fair deal of research. These tips would come in quite handy:

  • Research: Knowledge is power and to gain it, you have to carry out extensive research about the product you want to purchase. Failure to do so might put you at a huge risk. 

For ease, it is better if you take an in-depth survey of online car dealers in your locality as this narrows down your options thereby making discoveries fast.

To settle for the best option, it is advisable if you put the dealerships against each other and compare their service offerings in different areas. Also, ensure that you have your preferred car platform figured out. In doing this, your Eureka moment might come. 

  • Budgeting: It is human nature to be swayed by attractive and ostentatious objects. After all, a little bit of class doesn’t hurt much. Having a definite amount in mind makes the selection process easier particularly if you are taking a loan.

For a little bit of flexibility, you can have a price range. Let’s say $500- $1000. In doing this, you are making provisions for any emergencies which might occur. Car prices fluctuate from time to time.

Some dealership options like Epicvin offer car prices for as low as $500 in a bid to promote inclusivity. 

Also, you should ask questions either through their customer service team or product information team if they offer warranties on their product. 

If they do not you should allocate a sum of money for periodic repairs. It is a used car hence you have to factor in occasional tire changes and maintenance.

Always remember to cut your coat according to your size. 

  • List your options: Let’s do a little economics right here. Make sure you list your automobile choices in the order of your preference. Listing your option makes the selection phase seamless. Buying a used car is more strenuous than buying a new one. Hence, you have to take into consideration several details, particularly the type of car you want and the model. Finding a dealer becomes easier when you ascertain your possible outcomes or final choices.


  • Cross-check vehicle details: You must double-check every necessary detail. Ensure your vehicle is compliant with industry standards and specifications. Failure to do so may portend doom.

We advise you to ensure your potential automobile is free from any criminal affiliation or connection. You can make use of a dealership platform like Epicvin that has an affiliation with relevant industry bodies or organizations.

Organizations like NMVTIS( National motor vehicle title information system) a database system dedicated to ensuring the safety of buyers from car theft and fraud should be looked out for.

Epicvin allows you to run necessary checks on the vehicle of your choice by entering the VIN (a unique 17 digit number). 

On entering this digit you get to access vital information about the car. The information includes mileage, crime history/ crash history, mechanical or technical fault, and a host of other relevant information. 

  • Make sure you get the right price: You should be economical in this aspect not miserly as there is a thin line between them we often cross. You should ensure that you are paying for value. Beware of online dealerships that would use fanciful words to bait potential customers. 

Some of them sell unnecessarily pricey cars. You should get a price appraisal tool as most of them have one. This tool enables you to compare the dealership prices with the general market price.

  • Go for a test drive: Always ensure you go for a test drive. Sleek pictures do not attest to the functionality of a cat. Do not be fooled. It is also advisable you go with a certified and experienced mechanic. When you go with a mechanic you can carry out a quick inspection of the vehicle. Scam stories that fill the front pages of tabloids are real. 

If you are not going with a mechanic, you should be meticulous. Pay attention to any weird sound, screech. Ensure that your wheels are not swerving unnecessarily.

Seeing faulty signs during the test driving phase prevents you from being a victim of substandard automobiles. 

Wrapping up.

Buying a used car for under $500 online is not as easy as it seems. This is because the odds which a potential customer might encounter are far greater than what he could imagine. 

You would have to consider a variety of factors that would facilitate the buying process. Ensure you tick all the boxes before you settle for a particular automobile. 

An absence of any of the listed steps destroys the efficacy of the other steps and procedures.


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