The Negative Effects of Modern Gadgets on Children Development

We all are aware that excessive use of electronic gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, and computers, affects children’s physical and mental well-being. The most common symptoms of modern gadgets are being overweight and vision problems. Parents who allow their kids to spend more than two hours a day on these modern gadgets can have an irreversible impact on their health, such as slow cognitive development and attention deficit. So, parents and caregivers have to be responsible for teaching their children and controlling overexposure to gadgets. Here are seven reasons why modern electronic devices prevent children’s development.

1. Increased Risk of Obesity

Research shows that the risk of obesity increased by 43 percent if your child spends five or more hours a day on their electronic gadgets. It happens because they usually drink more sugary beverages, fast food, sweets, snacks than what is actually required. Children who prefer only to play in front of screens have decreased physical activity, says Mathew, who works at TopAssignmentExperts and provides math homework help services to students. It plays a major role in the increased risk of obesity. Being overweight also leads to various health problems such as diabetes, heart attack, and stroke. So, parents must encourage their kids to play more outside and expose their kids more to physical activity.

2. Reduced Interaction with People

If your child is using smartphones whenever they are around people or having a meal together with your family, it limits their social interaction. Have you observed that the quality of what your child talks about has changed? You must have seen a decrease in the connection that you feel toward each other? Cell phones make us promises that we are never alone, we never get bored, and we can multitask. The use of social media interaction has actually decreased face-to-face conversations. So, parents should limit the use of the gadget to 1-2 hours a day because it will help their children to develop social skills. So, parents must make sure that their children stop using these gadgets at least 30 minutes before bedtime.

3. Exposure to Radiation

Little did your kids know that smartphones emit low levels of non-ionizing radiation when in use. The type of radiation emitted by cell phones is known as radio frequency (RF) energy. The human body does absorb energy from electronic devices that emit radiofrequency radiation, says Nick, who provides do my homework for money services to students. The consistent use of these modern gadgets is heating to the area of the body where we hold our cell phone, including the ear and head. If the radiofrequency radiation is high enough, it may raise our body temperature and causes health problems such as headaches or brain tumors.

4. Sleep Deprivation

Numerous studies have found that using your phone is harmful to your overall health. The blue light emitted by your smartphone screen restrains the production of melatonin that controls your sleep-wake cycle. It makes it difficult for your kids to fall asleep and also causes damage to your retinas. If you use cell phones just before you sleep, your mind will still be engaged on your phone, thinking out all the notifications and messages you are missing. The time you spend on your cell phones by staying awake in the night instead of sleeping makes you feel more tired and less alert for the next day and leads to chronic deficiency in sleep.

5. Strains on the Eyes

Many of us experience headaches or other eye problems from the continuous use of smartphones. The extended screen time from any device can harm your child’s eyes and restrict brain development. Constant looking at your phone screen might cause eye strain or fatigue, eye pain or inflammation, burning sensations, blinking dysfunction, blurry or impaired vision, light sensitivity, headaches, and migraines. Studies show that there has been a direct link between prolonged screen time and the risk of migraines. Parents must limit the use of these gadgets and keep cell phones out of their children’s bedrooms to make sure they don’t use them during the night without any brightness or lighting adjustments.

6. Triggers Neck and Back Pain

Using gadgets with the wrong posture would your child’s body and triggers neck and back pain, says Paul, who provides do my math homework for me assignment help services to students. No matter how hard we try to decrease our phone usage, it has somehow become the most integral part of everyone’s life. It is impossible to restrict using a smartphone, so ask your kids to take breaks and use gadgets for shorter amounts of time. For your child’s healthy development, make sure they use their cell phones in proper posture. Make sure they do neck and back exercises if your child is facing problems. Parents can be role models to kids, so they must start by limiting their smartphones and laptop use.

7. Less Focus on Studies and decreased grades

Technology should be encouraged and yet moderated. Research shows that the continuous usage of smartphones can affect your child’s concentration and ability to learn. So, it is important for parents to perform their responsibility of protecting their children. If parents continue allowing this smartphone addiction to grow, then it will lead to decreased grades. Parents must not leave their children at home with their gadgets and limit their exposure to promote their mental, physical, and emotional development. If your child is doing their homework on one screen and texting on another, it reduces their concentration power and leads to decreased grades.


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