Sayaka Ganz – An Artist Who Converts Plastic Into Recycled Art(Sculptures)

When you recycle waste plastic into Recycled Art or Sculptures, you are not only creating beautiful art. But, you are also contributing to the Green Earth. While waste plastic is one of the main sources of pollution. Yet if more artists like Sayaka Ganz can help create recycled art, our mother earth can be turned into a beautiful place. Moreover, these recycled art is so beautiful that you won’t believe that it is made from plastic wastes. Don’t believe us? check some of her recycled arts.

Recycled Art & Sculptures:

Sayaka-Ganz-Recycled-Art-Horse-in-motion Sayaka-Ganz-Recycled-Art-horses

Look at these beautiful horses in motion. Anybody out there will agree with us that this is quite amazing. She called this style “3D Impressionism”.  As per her post on Bored Panda, she said “I use plastic objects like brush strokes in a painting by Van Gogh. The plastic items are my collaborators, and they inform the aesthetic decisions I make as well as educate me about environmental issues.”

Sayaka-Ganz-Recycled-Art-whale11 Sayaka-Ganz-Recycled-Art-Whale

Also, she added, “When first encountering my art I want my viewers to see an animal in motion such as horses galloping out from a gallery wall, or dolphins swimming above, or polar bear family diving for fish. I want to share the imagination of what it might feel like to gallop like a horse and feel the wind going through my mane, or to swim like a dolphin and feel the water and sunlight against my fins.”

Sayaka-Ganz-Recycled-Art-dolphin Sayaka-Ganz-Recycled-Art-Eagle

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Furthermore she said, “When the viewers get up close to my sculpture, it becomes apparent that these animals are made of plastic kitchen items and other household objects. You might even have the same identical spoon or spatula in your kitchen drawer. Upon further inspection viewers may notice that many of the objects are stained or bent. Because these are all second hand items bought from thrift stores and collected from friends and family.”


Finally, its time to meet the artist itself. You can also check out more of her work at her Website.


Also, let us know if your liked this recycled art and sculptures.




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