10 Funny Facebook Fails That Will Tell You People’s Level Of Stupidity

Social Media has been a great tool for all of us to express our feelings about the world. But, do you know what happens when the power of social media got into the hands of stupid people residing on our planet? We guess you don’t have any idea about it. Well, when dumb people try to express their feelings on Facebook, it results in some of the funny Facebook fails. Believe us when we say that you won’t be able to stop laughing after seeing what people have posted on the social media giant Facebook.

We got our hands on some of the funny Facebook fails that will make you go ROFL. You will be amazed to know the level of stupidity of some people. And what’s better when these stupid people try to be an expert on Facebook and giving us some of the funniest Facebook fails ever? Well, we guess it’s time to reveal the hilarious Facebook fails to you, so let’s have a look at these masterpieces of stupidity.

1. Now, you will have an idea that why we were talking about the stupidity of people.Funny-Facebook-Fails-5

2. Next time you want to post a fact on Facebook, make sure that you cross-check the fact first.Funny-Facebook-Fails-6

3. We are also amazed that why mother nature created this person?Funny-Facebook-Fails-7

4. Facebook + Photoshop = Funny Facebook Fails.Funny-Facebook-Fails-1

5. Sometimes a spelling mistake can cause too much damage.Funny-Facebook-Fails-8

6. We hope that this person was just kidding.Funny-Facebook-Fails-2

7. When your logic is at the same level as your stupidity.Funny-Facebook-Fails-3

8. Someone, please give this guy a medal.Funny-Facebook-Fails-11

9. It would have been a better world if people had brains.Funny-Facebook-Fails-4

10. That moment when you realise that your whole life is f*cked up!Funny-Facebook-Fails-9

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We are sure that you all have experienced funny Facebook fails at some point in your life. So, don’t be shy to share that moment with us in the comments section below and if you liked this post, make sure to share this post so that your loved ones can have a good laugh.


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