These People Just Nailed The Yahoo Answers With Their Stupidity

The internet made our lives a lot easier. Instantly helping us with suggestions, and solving our problems in a matter of seconds. What it also did was make people forget that they have a brain of their own. What it also did was, making stupid people popular by letting them voice their opinions in public. Now the bright side is that these questions and comments somehow land up collated for you and me to laugh at. If you know about the Yahoo Answers and its reach, you are going to enjoy this list like anything.

Ladies and gentleman, presenting to you, stupid people on Yahoo Answers.

1. Kill yourself!Yahoo-2

2. That’s the last place you want to fart.Yahoo-3

3. Dumb and Dumber.Yahoo-4

4. When you are in Cartoon Mode.Yahoo-5

5. That’s Genius!Yahoo-6

6. I.Q level = Infinity.Yahoo-7

7. Sometimes you just need Common Sense!Yahoo-9

8. She took the meaning of “Talking Tom” literally.Yahoo-8

9. You are a Genius Bro!Yahoo-10

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After reading all these, you can say that:




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