10 Of The Worst Selfies Ever Taken: Selfies Gone Wrong

Selfies have become a craze in the past few years. Every then and now, people take their photos and post them on social media. A click of a button standing opposite to a mirror and you are done with your selfie. But sometimes people cross their limits and try to capture themselves in the worst situations and surroundings and thus, making their way to the book of the worst selfies. These selfies gone wrong are the reason that we don’t want to leave this planet asap.

We have collected some of the worst selfies that are ever taken by the human race. You might want to break your screen after seeing these selfies gone wrong. Some selfies might make you cringe while others will make you laugh hard. Let’s have a look at these worst selfies of all time.

1. A selfie with the dead one is always a bad idea.


2. When teen boys try their hands on robbery but they are a selfie addict.


3. The two things Pokemon masters need are rest and a selfie.


4. We warn you not to look at this selfie if you are suffering from diabetes.


5. Someone, please tell this girl it is not even close to sexy.


6. When your boat and the co-passengers are drowning and instead of saving them, you decide to click some selfies.


7. We desperately want to see that what she’s trying to capture in the selfie.


8. When the things didn’t go as planned.


9. Look how cute and happy she is looking in someone’s funeral.


10. One of the worst selfies you’ll see in your lifetime.


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So, next time you want to take your selfie, make sure that you don’t end up clicking one of the worst selfies of all time. If these selfies gone wrong made you laugh hard, please share it with your friends and loved ones.


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