This Cute Russian Girl Takes The World’s Most Dangerous Photographs

Quite frankly, we don’t understand why people put their life in danger in order to take some photographs. May be they enjoy taking risks and putting their life on line just for that perfect shot. While, the world is getting mad over the selfies, there is a cute Russian girl that is taking the world’s most dangerous photographs. Moreover, the Girl is taking the world by storm with her dangerous photographs clicked at the top of the Buildings. In addition, if you see the pics, it will give you some serious chills down your spine.

The name of this Russian Girl is Angela Nikolau. She’s a self taught Russian photographer. While she knows that capturing humans or animals normally can be boring. So, she came up with these photographs which are so different(basically dangerous) than other photographers work. Also, you can check out her daring and dangerous photographs on her personal Instagram.

Most Dangerous Photographs:

Dangerous-Photographs-Wild-SelfiesWhile, capturing yourself on top of a building with that level of risk will surely going to make your pants wet. Can you dare like her?

Dangerous-Photographs-Wild-Selfies-8Moreover, its going to take a tremendous amount of courage to stand on the top of building just like her.

Dangerous-Photographs-Wild-Selfies-5 Dangerous-Photographs-Wild-Selfies-12She braves great heights, without much assurance of safety, to take these amazing photos. And she doesn’t even look scared in the pictures. How is she not petrified? We would pee my pants.

Dangerous-Photographs-Wild-Selfies-10 Dangerous-Photographs-Wild-Selfies-6 Dangerous-Photographs-Wild-Selfies-11

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Dangerous-Photographs-Wild-Selfies-2 Dangerous-Photographs-Wild-Selfies-7If taking wild selfies is a sport in Olympics anytime in future, then this brave Russian girl surely deserves a Gold Medal.

Dangerous-Photographs-Wild-Selfies-13While these are not actually wild selfies, these are insane selfies. Who have the courage to climb up these spots and capture photographs?

Dangerous-Photographs-Wild-Selfies-4 Dangerous-Photographs-Wild-Selfies-9

Also, let us know if you have the courage to take such dangerous photographs. And please share it with your friends who are so daring as her.


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