10 Times ‘Trust Me, I Am An Engineer’ Phrase Was Bang On

How many times you engineer friends have helped you in fixing something saying the famous phrase ‘Trust Me, I Am An Engineer’? We are sure that all of us have heard that phrase a couple of times in our life and what’s better if you are an engineer yourself? If you are an engineer, you can very well relate to the feeling of fixing something by using innovation at its best. Engineers always crave to find out cheap and affordable methods to fix household things.

We got our hands on some pictures where the phrase ‘Trust Me, I Am An Engineer’ is a bang on. Although the repair work done by the engineers is quite innovative but one thing is for sure that these pictures will make you laugh so hard that you will want to break your household things. Let’s have a look at these hilarious fix and repair works.

1. Long before the invention of 3D printing, engineers tried their hands on 2D printing but it seems that it didn’t work.


2. You know what happens when two engineers meet? The level of innovation is too damn high.


3. This is how you can use your wife’s old hair brush in place of your car’s side mirror.


4. If it’s broken, it doesn’t mean it can’t be used.


5. Any Problem with your car’s windshield wiper? Why don’t you try something like this?


6. One of the best instances where the phrase ‘Trust Me, I Am An Engineer‘ phrase is a bang on.


7. How to bathe in winter if there is no electricity for hot water.


8. If you can’t afford a shower, why don’t you try something cheap like this?


9. Now even flat tyre can’t stop you from reaching office on time.


10. The cheapest and most affordable solution to the broken car windows.


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We are pretty sure that these funny fixes and repair works had made your laugh hard. Do let us know if you also have used this term ‘Trust Me, I Am An Engineer’ anytime in your life?


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