These Funny & Hilarious Engineering Fails Will Make You Say WTF

Engineers are the lifelines of a country, they built huge structures and magnificent buildings from scratch. Even some of the engineering marvels are listed among the Wonders of the World. Engineers are the soul of a modern city, but you know every time good things are accompanied by a bad thing. That’s why today because of so many fake engineering colleges, we have seen so many dumb engineers that result in epic engineering fails.

Today, just to make you laugh, we have compiled some of the funniest and hilarious engineering fails that will make you think whether the brain behind these engineering fails is a human brain. From staircase to doors, ATM to toilets, these dumb engineers will make you laugh hard. So, without killing your excitement, let’s check out these funniest engineering fails below.


1. This ATM will teach you how to be low profile.



2. This Engineer must be awarded as the ‘Worst Engineer of the Year’.



3. When one of the engineers got drunk while designing this window.



4. A door that will lead you to nowhere.



5. Super Genius, a staircase that is of no use.



6. A staircase that leads to nowhere.



7. When you got your engineering degree online.



8. You know you are in deep shit when something like this happens.



9. Using this toilet, you will learn the real definition of Struggle.



10. When the stairs built by you don’t want to talk to the doors.



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