10 Smart Kids Who Trolled Their Teachers Like A Boss

Admit it, we all wanted to be the coolest kid in our class and always looked for ways to troll our teachers because trolling class teachers make you the most popular member of your squad. One thing is for sure that our generation never had the guts like the young and smart kids of today’s generation. These days kids are so badass that they aren’t scared of their teachers or parents. Some of these smart kids trolled their teachers by giving some of the epic and funniest answers in the examination papers.

Some of the smart kids trolled their teachers by giving the most epic and funniest answers in the examination papers. While some of the kids got awarded for their smart answers while the others were at the receiving end of their angry teachers. Whatever may be the case, these smart kids completely nailed it with their sense of humour and took trolling to another level. Let’s have a look at some of the most epic answers written by these badass kids.

1. It seems that this ‘Teacher Quiz’ didn’t go well for the students.


2. Apparently, you can get full marks in the exam if your drawing skills are good.


3. This kid is going places.


4. When the intelligence level of your kid is too damn high.


5. You can’t afford to mess with a sarcastic kid.


6. The world’s biggest problems can be solved easily by these smart kids. 


7. When the kid wants to brag about his smartness.


8. Apparently, Bob is suffering from diabetes.


9. How to score some extra marks in your exams.


10. When you have spent your school holidays watching Hollywood movies.


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