10 Funny Questions That Have Actually Been Asked In An Examination Paper

We all know that exams can be pretty boring sometimes because of the same syllabus and questions that we prepare for. But it’s not always the case because sometimes funny teachers also decide to give some relief to their hard-working students and ask some funny questions in an examination paper. You will laugh hard after reading these funny questions that were actually asked in an examination paper. These questions tell us that teachers can also be funny and hilarious sometimes.

After reading these hilarious questions, you will definitely go ROFL and wish that these questions were asked to you. Just go through these questions and have the best laugh of your life.

1. When the teacher is too tired of making questions.


2. It seems copyright issues are everywhere these days.


3. A small grammatical mistake can make a question so funny.


4. When the teacher tries to play with your mind.


5. Hats off to the amazing teacher who cares so much about the students.


6. That’s one of the funny questions that got viral on the Internet.


7. Apparently, the student got to know that how much their teacher hates Justin Bieber.


8. We are not sure when¬†being ‘Chinese‘ became a sexual orientation.


9. We suppose the teacher was in a funny mood at the time of making these hilarious question.


10. That’s the funniest question of all time.


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We are sure that you would be thinking that if these funny questions were asked to you, you would have laughed hard in the examination hall. And if you wrote answers for some hilarious like these, do share your experience with us.


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