Do You Remember How Was Your Life Before The Internet? Check Out

We all can notice that Internet has changed our life a lot. Now, we have easy access to any of the information we need. We can find out anything happening in this world. But, as usual, there is a Dark Side to everything, and internet is mostly on the dark side. Most of us don’t remember how things happen or our life before the internet. Our life has changed a lot and we now, use the internet to bring our life at ease.

Today, we got some of the perfect illustrations which will explain you the difference between life before the internet and after the internet came into your life. Check them out.

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Life Before the Internet


Internet has changed everything- from buying groceries to reading news. Now, we can do everything with the help of Internet and our mobile phones. Without Internet, we are just like a Cave man. We urge you to take sometime off from Internet and spend it with your loved ones.

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