Love Is Enjoying The Small Things In Life

We are so busy in our Daily life that we forget that why we exist and why love is the only thing that is keeping us alive? Love is not one special moment in your life. Actually, it is enjoying the small things in life with your loved ones. If you observe closely, you will notice that the small things that you do everyday with your loved ones give you happiness. And that feeling of happiness is called as Love.

There is an Indian artist/illustrator Nidhi Chanani who believes in making people happy through her wonderful illustrations. Check out her illustrations here:

Love Is Enjoying The Small Things In Life:

Sharing Your DesertEnjoying-the-Small-Things-Nidhi-Chanani-14


Cooking TogetherEnjoying-the-Small-Things-Nidhi-Chanani-9


Sharing Your MealEnjoying-the-Small-Things-Nidhi-Chanani-10


Feel My LoveEnjoying-the-Small-Things-Nidhi-Chanani-13


Enjoying RainEnjoying-the-Small-Things-Nidhi-Chanani-12

Watching SunsetEnjoying-the-Small-Things-Nidhi-Chanani-11

Good MorningEnjoying-the-Small-Things-Nidhi-Chanani-8

Laying All Day LongEnjoying-the-Small-Things-Nidhi-Chanani-5

Reading TogetherEnjoying-the-Small-Things-Nidhi-Chanani-4

Pillow FightsEnjoying-the-Small-Things-Nidhi-Chanani-2

Dance PartyEnjoying-the-Small-Things-Nidhi-Chanani


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