10 Funny Relationship Memes That Every Couple Can Relate To

These days most of the people are in a relationship and they love to tell everyone about it on social media. But, the singles on the Internet don’t like the people who brag about their love life on social media and hence, they have come up with some of the funniest relationship memes. If you are in a relationship, you would have gone through multiple emotions and your sense of humour may have developed over the course of your relationship. If your sense of humour is that strong and you can remember the funny moments in your relationship, then you will laugh hard after seeing these hilarious relationship memes.

No matter if you are not in a relationship now or struggling to forget your ex, you can definitely relate to these funny memes. From being single to being committed, you are going to love these relationship memes. Let’s check out these hilarious pictures and have a good laugh.

1. This meme is for all the singles out there.


2. The true story of every relationship.


3. It’s the most important part of any relationship.


4. That’s pretty much my life.


5. That’s the dream of every woman on this planet.


6. That describes the distance between me and my dream girl.


7. That happens with me every f*cking time.


8. This relationship meme perfectly sums up my love life.


9. Apparently, there’s no difference between relationships and algebra.


10. Because a single girl is like a magnet.


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Do let us know if you can relate to these funny relationship memes? And if you are single, then share these funny and epic memes with your friends in a relationship.


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