10 Funny Fails That Are The Reasons Why People Fail So Miserably

You know what happens when people fail miserably? It results in some of the funny fails that make other people like us laugh hard. People sometimes do such stupid things and the other times luck is not on their side, whatever the reason is, these things result in the some of the hilarious and funny fails ever.

Let’s take you on a laughter ride with some of the pictures of the funniest fails ever. We bet you will be confused that whether you should laugh at these people or show some sympathy to them. So, without killing your excitement, check out these hilarious and funny fails.

1. Someone, please teach this man how to ride a horse.



2. This is a clear case of wrong priorities.



3. This happens when you watch too much of Hunger Games.



4. It can be declared as the funniest fail of all time.



5. Can someone please tell this girl that it is not how you clean a virus from a laptop?



6. Oh! I can’t believe my eyes that’s so much discount.



7. For all the Computer geeks, next time try something like this.



8. You know why people fail so miserably? It’s because they try to act cool just like the girl in the back trying to light the wrong side of cigarette.



9. Why man why? Why are you so dumb?


10. Christmas is just a few days away and a Christmas tree like this can add this picture as one of the funny fails.



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