Ola Pelczarska Quit Her Stable Job To Become A Galaxy Tattoo Artist

Ola Pelczarska is a 24 year old girl from Warsaw, Poland. She quit her 9-to-5 job last year in order to pursue her dream to ink people. Yes, you heard that right, she had a stable job and a fixed source of income. But, despite of the fact that she was earning a fixed income, she left her daily job and became a Galaxy Tattoo Artist. Although, it takes a lot of guts to do so without any financial back up. But, seeing her work, we can say that she did it for good. Check out the work of this Galaxy Tattoo artist and decide yourself.

Galaxy Tattoo Artist:


As per her article on Bored Panda 3 months ago, she said, “I’ve been dreaming about becoming a tattoo artist since forever, and just like that, scrolling through Facebook, I’ve come across somebody’s post – they were looking for a tattoo studio manager. Within a few days we had a meeting arranged, so I took my drawings for the job interview. You know, just by an accident I had them on me that day 😉 They were so overwhelmed by my portfolio, that they themselves proposed to teach me how to tattoo”.

Ola-Pejczi-Galaxy-Tattoo-Artist-9 Ola-Pejczi-Galaxy-Tattoo-Artist

Furthermore, she said, “So when I’ve cooled down after being proposed my dream job at one of the best tattoo studios in my country. I’ve quit my typical office job just like that, telling my boss I’ve been offered a job I can’t refuse. Even though it was just a one month long tryout apprentice, and there were so many things that could go wrong. I have not hesitated for a single moment, and I was sure I’m on the “right path”.

Ola-Pejczi-Galaxy-Tattoo-Artist-4 Ola-Pejczi-Galaxy-Tattoo-Artist-2 Ola-Pejczi-Galaxy-Tattoo-Artist-11

And after working and enhancing her skills, she recently said, “What’s interesting, every galactic tattoo turns out completely different . It’s really fun to watch how each client differs when it comes to choosing colors, shapes, a number of planets, etc”. She is now turned to a Galaxy Tattoo Artist while tattooing for more than 10 months.

Ola-Pejczi-Galaxy-Tattoo-Artist-6 Ola-Pejczi-Galaxy-Tattoo-Artist-8

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In addition, you can check out her work at Facebook | Instagram.

Also, let us know if you liked the work of this Galaxy Tattoo Artist. And if someone would try to pursue his/her dream.


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