Sena Renu- A Paper Artist Who Quit Her HR Job To Create Paper Quilling

Many of us don’t have the guts to follow our dreams because it is very difficult to leave a fix salaried job and pursue our passion. Also, we all know what it takes to make our passion as a full time job. But, despite all the odds, there are some people who have the guts to do follow their dreams. One such paper artist is Sena Renu, she quit her HR job and she’s now doing paper quilling full time.

For others who want to follow their dreams, check out what she say, “Everything you create could be art, so if you believe that you make beautiful things, then you’ll see that everyone will agree. I am new in the art career (I’ve been a full-time working artist for 7 months), sometimes I feel scared and sometimes I don’t. I just believe in what I do and I know I’ll continue to create in the future.”

Paper Artist Sena Renu’s Beautiful Paper Quilling Art:

1. You will surely fall in love with this World.Sena-Runa-Paper-Artist-World

2. Only a beautiful paper artist can make such a beautiful heart.Sena-Runa-Paper-Artist-Heart

3. A flower that can touch your soul.Sena-Runa-Paper-Artist-Flower

4. Look at this cute duck. Now, who wants it?Sena-Runa-Paper-Artist-Duck

5. Most cutest Dragon of all time.Sena-Runa-Paper-Artist-Dragon

6. ‘Symbol of Peace’ – A beautiful paper art.Sena-Runa-Paper-Artist-Deathly-Hallows

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7. I am sure no one wants to eat that Crab.Sena-Runa-Paper-Artist-Crab

8. Paper Camera captured by Paper Artist.Sena-Runa-Paper-Artist-Camera

9. More beautiful than an actual butterfly.Sena-Runa-Paper-Artist-Butterfly

10. Look at the detail work in this Paper Violin.Sena-Runa-Paper-Artist-Violin

11. I bet you have never seen such beautiful Love Birds in your life.Sena-Runa-Paper-Artist-Love-Birds

12. Who doesn’t want to fly high in this Hot Air Balloon.Sena-Runa-Paper-Artist-Air-Balloon

You can go check out more of her work at Etsy | Instagram.

Also, let us know if you liked these paper art quillings by this awesome paper artist.


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