Do You Know Why Does The Letter “K” Stand For Thousand?

We all use the Letter “K” when it comes to writing a number in thousands, like 1000 means 1K, 10000 means 10K and the list goes on. Actually, in our mind letter “K” stands for a thousand but most of us or we can say that all of us don’t know why does it stand for a thousand. It’s like doing what have been told to us. Does anyone of you wonder why does the letter K stand for thousand? If yes and you didn’t find the answer, then we have a proper answer for it. Check it out below.

Why Does The Letter “K” Stand For Thousand?


Well, the origin of it was from Greece, there is a word “Chilioi” in Greek which means thousand. So, Greeks often used the word “Chilioi” in place of a thousand as well as the denominations above it.

Later, French took the same Greek Word “Chilioi” and shortened it to “Kilo“. Later on, new words like Kilogram, Kiloliter, Kilotonne etc came into existence to measure 1000. Soon enough, the whole world started using these words and further shortened it to just the Letter “K” to refer thousand. Till now, we all use the same words and letter K as an abbreviation for thousand.

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This is how the word Chilioi became Kilo which further shortened to just Letter “K”. If you are amazed to know the origin of this letter, share this article with your friends and loved ones.



  1. I know why. because russian people call “thousand” in colloquial speech as “косарь” (kosar) 10k – 10 косарей/ 10k. that’s an explanation

  2. Thank you veru informative, personally i didn’t knew it is originated from that word. Now we can say we get info with this article the origine of letter K in numbers and the origin in word kilo in all latin language. so It was the grand Empire of Greece .


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