Do You Know What The ‘i’ Stands For In All Apple Products?

So many of us have used Apple Products, be it iPhone, iMac, iPad or iPod but have you ever wondered what does the ‘i’ in Apple products name actually stand for? We are sure that almost 90% of you don’t have an answer to this question.

Let us tell you that everything in this world happens for a reason and it’s not like that the biggest evolutionary in the history of mankind, the founder of Apply company Steve Jobs just randomly added the ‘i’ in the name of his company’s products.

What does ‘i’ stands for in all Apple products?


If you are a user of an Apple product or you are absolutely for its products, then you must know that ‘i’ stands for in all Apple products and why it is so important? Well, we think we don’t need you to tell the answer, infact, the founder of Apple products will answer that question for you. Yes, you read that right, Steve Jobs will reveal the mystery for you.


When Steve Jobs launched the first ‘i’ product back in 1998, he actually himself explained what ‘i’ stands for. We got the throwback video for you. As per the video, ‘i’ stands for: Internet, Individual, Instruct, Inform and Inspire. The below video is from the official launch of iMac. Steve Jobs clearly explains the meaning of ‘i’. Check out the below video.

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So, now you finally know what ‘i’ in all Apple products stands for. This video is surely a delight for all the Apple lovers around the world. If you have friends who are crazy about the company’s products, then share this video with them.



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