10 Times Genius Vandalism Was Way Better Than Art

For all of those who are not familiar with the word ‘Vandalism’, it is an action involving deliberate damaged to the property without the permission of the owner. While we usually get angry with acts of vandalism but there are few cases where people have turned it into genius art. Yes, you read that right, you know sometimes we get bored watching the same things as it is, again and again. These vandals have turned the ordinary things on the street into cases of absolute genius vandalism.

Be it trash can, pipeline or zebra crossing, these vandals will amaze you with their street art. Let’s have a look at the masterpieces of art below and we bet you will be amazed at the creativity of these vandals.

1. Have you ever seen a better art on a street trash can?


2. This genius case of vandalism just made my day.


3. The best way to turn damaged things into a piece of art.


4. You know what to do next time the snow falls in your town.


5. Just don’t go inside the house. I repeat, don’t go inside.


6. This can be one of the hilarious and funniest cases of vandalism.


7. Even the things on the street need a hug when they fell alone.


8. Well played, Spongebob, well-played.


9. May the force be with you.


10. Now, you know where these pipelines lead to.


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Do let us know if you liked these absolute genius cases of vandalism? If you liked this amazing street art, share it with your friends and loved ones.


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