15 Funny Yahoo Questions Asked By Most Stupid People Alive

Some people in this world are born stupid and the others show their stupidity on Yahoo Questions & Answers. After reading the questions which we are sharing, yahoo itself could have said “Please Stop!”. These people asking funny yahoo questions are too intelligent to live on this planet. Don’t believe us? then see yourself:

15 Funny Yahoo Questions Ever Asked:

1. Girl, you don’t need to look for answers because you are the answer.


2. Bro, that’s a genuine problem, please let us know once you find the solution.Funny-Yahoo-Questions-Fail-5

3. For God’s sake, no comments on this one, please!Funny-Yahoo-Questions-Fail-6

4. Are you talking about your age or your dog’s age?Funny-Yahoo-Questions-Fail-8

5. When your parents are new to this cruel Internet world.Funny-Yahoo-Questions-Fail-10

6. You just unlocked the Achievement “Genius of the Year”.Funny-Yahoo-Questions-Fail-9

7. When your common sense fail like you fail in exam.Funny-Yahoo-Questions-Fail-4

8. Obviously, they don’t have time for any of your Bulls**tFunny-Yahoo-Questions-Fail-3

9. How to become a Detective 101.Funny-Yahoo-Questions-Fail-2

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10. Please die.Funny-Yahoo-Questions-Fail-111

11. Neither American nor British is a language.Funny-Yahoo-Questions-Fail-11-1

12. Because earth is an angel and it has wings.Funny-Yahoo-Questions-Fail-13

13. First, stop eating junk food.Funny-Yahoo-Questions-Fail-12

14. Your bro must be abnormal, girl.Funny-Yahoo-Questions-Fail-11

15. Please let us know in-case you are alive after asking this question to your wife.Funny-Yahoo-Questions-Fail-7

Let us know if any of your friends have asked you some questions like these.


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