10 Funniest Design Fails Of This Century That Will Make You Cringe

Just like a good movie needs a good script, a nice construction work also needs a great designer. Some people try to save money and design things on their own which result in some of the funniest design fails of all time. Although we need to give designers more credit for their tremendous jobs and for making our lives so easy, but some people think that they don’t need them and they can design anything on their own. But, let us tell you these people fail so miserably that you would have a hard time digesting their terrible designs.

We have collected some pictures of the funniest design fails of all time. We bet that these pictures will make you laugh and cringe at the same time. Let’s have a look at these hilarious fails that are guaranteed to make you go ROFL.

1. An Escalator that leads to nowhere.


2. The owner would be really hoping that this toilet seat doesn’t need repair anytime soon.


3. One of the most epic design fails of all time.


4. When you design a kids table lamp but fail miserably at it.


5. We don’t think we need to mention what’s wrong with this CD design.


6. The below funny design fail will definitely make you cringe.


7. It’s one of the most f*cked up elevator panels we have ever seen in our life.


8. We guess nobody is going to take a dump in this toilet.


9. Apparently, the designer has no idea about the directions.


10. The below funny design fail has wrong written all over it.


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Do let us know if you also tried to design things on your own and you failed so miserably that it became one of the epic design fails of all time. If you liked this post, share it with your friends and loved ones.


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