10 Funny Construction Fails That Will Make You Question The Engineer

Construction is the most important job because our home, office, malls, every building is constructed by some talented engineers. But, our world is quite big and there are few engineers who didn’t take their jobs seriously resulting in some of the funniest construction fails. Beware, although it looks funny but the below funny construction fails can prove dangerous to anyone. One thing is for sure, that you all are going to have a laugh of your life and we bet you won’t be able to stop yourself from sharing this post.

While writing this post and compiling the pictures of some of the hilarious construction fails, we too wonder as to why some real civil engineers will design sites like these? Anyways, just have a look at these hilarious fails and decide yourself that what those dumb engineers would have thought while constructing something like these.

1. Looks like the engineer doesn’t want you to take a dump.


2. We suppose that’s a wrong way to stop a fan.


3. The doorway to hell because once you go through this door, you will be dead.


4. Maybe that’s an escalator that will take you to the magical world of Hogwarts.


5. Let’s just say that the engineer got drunk while designing that window.


6. The owner asked for a balcony and not for a door to reach the balcony.


7. Now, you will realise the actual value of money.


8. Looks like there is no scope of privacy in this toilet.


9. When you are an engineer and you want to kill the owner.


10. It’s our best pick among other funny construction fails.


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