Do You Know What Were The First Products Made By Tech Companies?

The truth is that everyone has to start somewhere. Even the world-famous companies that are worth billions of dollars now had very small beginnings. Today, we will be talking about the world-famous tech companies that are ruling the world. Most of these companies are well established and produce products related to the tech industry but do you know it wasn’t always the case. We too are astonished after knowing what were the first products made by the now world-famous tech companies.

From Sony to Samsung, every tech giant wasn’t always in the tech world. Some started as a simple grocery store while others were into producing completing non-technical products. They saw the opportunity in the tech field, grabbed it and rest as they say is history. Have a look at the first products made by tech companies.

1. Sony Corporation


Sony Corporation started as a manufacturer of electric rice cookers.


2. Samsung


Samsung was not into tech world when it first started, it rather started as a company specialised in selling groceries.


3. Nokia


The famous company that brought revolution in the mobile industry was first into paper and rubber boots business.


4. Lipton


Lipton had a very common beginning as it started as a regular grocery store.


5. LG Electronics


The Korean tech giant LG started with the production of tooth powder.


6. Philips


In its earlier days, Philips & Co. started with the production of light bulbs and radio sets.


7. BMW


BMW was not always in car production, it first started producing aircraft engines and parts.


8. IBM


The world-famous multi national company IBM produced weighing scales, coffee grinders and punch card equipment.


9. Unilever


Unilever was into many things from the beginning but soap was one of their principal product.


10. Toyota


Toyota started with the manufacture of sewing machines, they still produce them today.

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So did you know about the humble beginnings of these world-famous tech companies? If you are amazed after knowing about the first products produced by these companies, share this article with your loved ones.

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