17 Funny Logos Of The Companies That Are Worst Fails Of All Time

Logos are the identity of an organisation, many companies spend thousands of dollars just to have a nice logo. They realise the importance of these logos but you know sometimes after spending so much on the logos, they realise the logo is not what they have dreamed of. You may have also seen some of the funny logos on the streets or the roads and you would have laughed hard in your head.

Today, we have collected some of the funny logos and the worst logo fails that will make your go ROFL. Believe us when we say, you will wonder that which company hired the logo masters who have created these funny logos. Check out and decide yourself which one of these logos is the funniest one.

1. Kids Exchange – It was meant to be Kids Exchange and not what you are reading in your mind.  Funny-Logos-Company-Organisation-8

2. Currency Exchange – Isn’t it looking like S-exchange?Funny-Logos-Company-Organisation-9

3. Office of Government Commerce (OGC) – Isn’t it looking like a boy holding his ahm ahm? Funny-Logos-Company-Organisation-10

4. Brazilian Institute for Oriental Studies – Yes you can declare it as the “Funniest logos of all time”.Funny-Logos-Company-Organisation-5

5. Deccan Engineering – The founder of the firm is in deep shit.Funny-Logos-Company-Organisation-4

6. Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission – On the name of God, please remove this logo. Funny-Logos-Company-Organisation-3

7. Arlington Pediatric Center – We think we don’t have to explain this one.Funny-Logos-Company-Organisation-2

8. Computer Doctors – When your logo designer doesn’t know the difference between an ass and a mouse.Funny-Logos-Company-Organisation-7

9. Locum Paper Products – It’s not what you are thinking, it is Locum.Funny-Logos-Company-Organisation-6

10. Bureau of Health Promotion of Taiwan – Looks like this bureau is going to close soon.Funny-Logos-Company-Organisation-11

11. Encebe Corp. – Don’t know what are they transporting in this truck.Funny-Logos-Company-Organisation-12

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12. Clinical Dental – The moment you realise that your company logo is the ‘Worst Company Logo’ ever.Funny-Logos-Company-Organisation-13

13. Kostelecke Uzeniny Sausage Company – Displaying a sausage like this company is a very bad thing.Funny-Logos-Company-Organisation-14

14. HASC Center – Looks like nobody is going to enter the office anytime soon.Funny-Logos-Company-Organisation-15

15. Kudawara Pharmacy – We have never seen a nasty ‘K‘ like this one.Funny-Logos-Company-Organisation-17

16. Satellite Dish Installation – Never ever install your dish from this dish operator service.Funny-Logos-Company-Organisation-16

17. Fully Erect Tents – Next time you give the order to design your logo, make sure to give them the exact details of your company like what you want to erect, tent or something else.

Funny-Logos-Company-Organisation-11-1Let us know which one of the funny logos you liked the most. Also, here is a complete list of lead generation companies for you. If you laughed hard after seeing these funny logos, make sure to share this post with your loved ones.


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