10 Famous Photographs That Went Viral But Are Actually Fake

Every then and now, a photograph goes viral on the Internet with a silly caption and just like dumb people, we start believing it’s real without confirming that whether the photograph is real or fake. There are thousands of famous photographs on the Internet that look morphed but most of us believe that they are true. Today, we are revealing the truth behind some of the famous photographs on the Internet.

The below photographs have been shared on the Internet millions of times without confirming the authenticity of the photographs. Let’s have a look at the photographs that went viral but are actually fake.

1. Behind The Scenes Of National Geographic Channel.


This photograph has been shared on numerous Facebook pages, Google+ communities and the reason is the humour behind this photo. Sorry to break your heart, this photograph is actually photoshopped.

2. The Great White Shark


This photograph of the Great White Shark went viral with the caption “National Geographic Photo of the Year” in 2016 but as expected this photograph is fake.

3. A Very Strong Baby


This photograph would have been real if the baby’s father is Hercules but unfortunately, it’s a fake one.

4. Just Before The Disaster


This fake photo which is claimed to be clicked just before the 9/11 attacks went viral with a lot of questions. But, later it was found to be a morphed one as told by the tourist himself.

5. The Blue Watermelon


Doesn’t this blue watermelon look delicious? But, sorry to break the news to you, this fruit doesn’t exist.

6. The Island Castle


You can’t visit this Island Castle as it doesn’t exist but who can stop millions of people from believing that it’s real?

7. The Shark Attack


This is one of the most famous photographs that went viral but this is actually two photographs beautifully merged together.

8. The Joker Having Fun


This photo went viral on Twitter with the caption that said Heath Ledger was having fun on the set of The Dark Knight. We are sure that Batman will be angry when he finds out that this is a fake photograph.

9. MGM Title Screen


This photograph was allegedly showing the scenes behind the famous MGM roaring lion but sorry to inform you, it’s actually a fake one.

10. The Big Bang Theory


Don’t waste your time into believing that this one is a real photograph and Einstein actually rode a bicycle near a Nuclear explosion.

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Do let us know if you have seen any other famous photographs that later proved to be a fake one.


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