This Is What Happens When You Ask A Photoshop Expert For Help

We already have written a hilarious article in which we have seen James Fridman, our very own Photoshop King, hilariously trolling people with his Photoshop skills. It’s not like that he himself trolls the people instead people request the Photoshop expert to fix their photographs and just like any other expert, he only does exactly what’s instructed to him. The unclear instructions is what makes his work so interesting and hilarious. Believe us you’ll laugh hard at these edited pics.

Today, we are sharing some of his latest work and believe us, you don’t want this king of Photoshop to edit your pics. In case, you still want to try your luck and ask this man to fix your pictures at his official wesbite and social media accounts given at the end of this article. But, before that have a look at some of his work below.

1. Looks like she got what she wished for.


2. Apparently a Photoshop expert can make you look epic just like this pic below.


3. When you give insufficient instructions to a Photoshop expert.


4. The boy will think twice before asking for something like this in the future.


5. Well technically speaking, James can’t be blamed for this. 


6. This is how you look cool with your Dad.


7. This man is looking so damn hot with this body.


8. This woman must be regretting giving so clear instructions to the Photoshop expert.


9. We guess this woman must have erased this picture itself.


10. Look the woman is looking so young now.


So, what do you think, you can trust this Photoshop expert? If yes, then contact him at his official wesbite and social media accounts given below.

Sources: James Fridman | Facebook | Twitter.


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