Edible Water Bubbles That Can Be The Answer To Plastic Water Bottle Waste

Our planet is craving for a replacement of the common Plastic water bottles because of its severe side-effects. The pollution caused by the plastic waste has become worse over the recent years. We badly needed a replacement for the plastic bottles as they count as a major part of the plastic waste. Thanks to a UK-based start-up, plastic water bottles will soon be a thing of the past. They have invented a waste-free packaging solution(Edible Water Bubbles) and the bubbles are called as Ohio!.

These edible water bubbles might be the game-changer what we have been looking for so long. The bubbles are created by encasing a blob of drinking water using an edible membrane. The membrane is made out of Seaweed extract. There is no chance od wastage as the product is fully biodegradable as it takes 4-6 weeks of time to biodegrade if left unconsumed. The innovative team behind this brilliant edible water bubbles is Skipping Rocks Lab, a team of engineering graduates from Imperial College London.

1. The idea of the edible water bubbles came to their mind in 2013 and since then, they have been relentlessly working on it.


2. The team has recently set up a crowdfunding page that has raised over 750K USD.


3. There are billions of plastic bottles used annually in the world and they take over hundreds of years to fully decompose.


4. Considering all the facts, it’s high-time that plastic bottles should be replaced and these edible bubbles could be the solution.


Do watch the below video to see how people reacted to these edible water bubbles Ooho!

Support the Team at Skipping Rocks Lab | Crowdcube.

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