Ever Wondered What’s The Difference Between C And CE Buttons On The Calculator?

Everyone who’s reading this post must have used Calculator during his school/college days. Whether you have actually used the device or have used it in computer/mobile, you would have noticed C and CE buttons on the calculator. We are sure that most of you haven’t noticed the difference between C and CE buttons of the calculator and if you are the one who doesn’t know the actual difference, then this post is for you.


If you think that both the buttons on the calculator serve the same purpose, then you are wrong because the inventors of the calculator were not foolish to place two buttons with the same function. The only thing is that we are ignorant enough to never notice the real difference between the two buttons.

While both of them are buttons are used for erasing data, but CE serves a different function from C. When we use CE button, only the most recent data is wiped from the memory. On the other hand, when we use C button, it wipes all the memory input into the calculator. It’s kind of a Reset button. For further clarification, you can refer the picture below.

Actual Difference between C and CE buttons


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So, now you get the real difference between C and CE buttons on a calculator. What are you waiting for then? Share this knowledgeable post with your friends and loved ones.


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