Can You Stop Laughing After Seeing These Funny Signboards In India?

As they say, ‘Half Knowledge is Dangerous’ and it can be more dangerous if it’s about a language. English can be a very funny language sometimes because a word here and there can change the meaning of a sentence. Although English is not the official lanuguage of India but you will find most of the signboards written in English. Everyone understands English but in some cases it’s very difficult for the people to remember the spelling. Especially for those painters who write those signboards and turn them into funny signboards.

Today, we have listed some of the funny signboards that you can only find in India. So, without wasting much time, let’s check out these funny signboards.

Funny Signboards In India:

Sometimes your English is so bad that you have to use images to differentiate gender just like these Funny Signboards.


What about a Quick Launch Breakfast and Dinner as per this Funny Signboard?


China is wrong always, its Chaineese not Chinese. Like Chaineese New Year, Chaineese Shop etc.


I thought I knew all the food ingredients but this funny signboard amazed me with this new Ingredient TESTY.


You have been told that fast food is not good for health. But this funny signboard is the solution to all your Problems, now you can say “I am not eating Fast Food but Past Food”.


I am not saying what’s wrong with this Funny Signboard, you need to find out this time.


Have you ever wondered what you will do when you asked a shopkeeper for some Chilled Beer and he hand over a Child Bear to you?


Everyone hates vegetables and this funny signboard proves it.


Sometimes its not good to use shortcuts especially in English. Only few alphabets could have make it Strawberry Pastry in this signboard.


SSSHHHH No one is allowed to enter the Kicheen Room, not even the Chef.


Holy Shit! This guy will taste anything according to this funny signboard. We bet this duy has a bad “Sense of Taste“.


Because cutting hair is too mainstream. Now you can cut your children here without any extra cost as per this Funny Signboard.


Beware! There may be some nude people ahead. Close your eyes and go slow.


After seeing all the above funny signboards, I only believe in this funny signboard.


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