Photoshop Will Be Banned In India And The Reason Is These Pictures

We know that photoshop is a bliss for all the graphic designers out there, but there are some ignorant people in India who use the software so miserably that we believe that photoshop will be banned in India. Some people in India are so free that they decide to show their skills using the software and fail so miserably that you won’t be able to stop laughing. Yes, these people exists on this planet and they are not afraid to show their skills.

Still don’t believe us? We have collected some pictures made by super talented people in India and believe us when we say, you won’t be able to stop laughing. Check these funny pictures below.

Photoshop will be banned in India & the reason is:

1. This man is a real hunter. He took advantage of the Photoshop at its best. Without hurting any animal, he fulfiled his dreams of killing animals. AMAZING HUNTER!!

Photoshop-12. Replacing the Bhai isn’t that easy. But, this man did the impossible, though using Photoshop. Look, Katrina is so happy with him.


3. Ritesh will be so angry after seeing this picture of her wife with another man. But, that doesn’t bother this man in the picture. Look at the smile on his face.


4. Have you ever seen all the Bollywood Stars in one Pic? Now, you can have the privilege to enjoy that lucky moment.


5. There are so many Spider-mans in the West but no one in India. This Indian man took this challenge too seriously and surprised everyone with the belo pic.


6. Cannot afford a Real Sports Car? No worries, just spend some 500-1000 Rupees and learn Photoshop. Look at this Gentleman impressing girls on Facebook with his amazing Photoshop skills.


7. We are damn sure that these actresses will be too sad after seeing these pics.


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8. Wanna be Ajay Devgan! Look at his shadow in the Background:


9. This Man took the meaning of “Out of this World” phrase too seriously.


If you want to leave the planet after seeing these pictures, you are most welcome. If you liked the post, make sure to share this post with your loved ones so that they can laugh hard too.




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