Only 12% People Can Solve This Math’s Equation. Can You Solve This?

To be frank with you sometimes Mathematics equation can be a real pain in someone’s a**. Only few of the genius people who have already devoted their life to maths can solve these equations. There are certain times when some people share an equation on Facebook with a caption “Can you solve this?”and internet users can’t stop themselves to solve that. One such equation is here and we bet you won’t be able to solve this complex equation.

Go on, try and ask yourself if you can solve this equation?

Can You Solve This?


If you have solved the above equation and you are sure that your answer is correct, then scroll down to check the right answer. But, if you are not able to solve it, don’t worry we got your back on this thing. Let us explain how to solve this in detail.

First, we need to use the simple method of BODMAS(you may have heard it in school). Let us quickly recall the order It stands for Brackets, Orders or pOwers, Division, Multiplication, Addition-Subtraction.

For this equation, we don’t have Brackets/Powers, but we have division so we will directly go for that.


We know, 3 divided by reciprocal of 3 is 3 X 3. Right? It will now look like this.Can-you-solve-this-3

Using simple multiplication, we can figure out that 3 X 3 = 9, so we are left with the below equation. Now, since we are left with Addition and Subtraction operator only, so we need to go from left to right. It means we have to solve 9 – 9 which is equal to 0.Can-you-solve-this-4

After the subtraction, we are left with this simple equation below and we think even a dumb person can solve this, right? So, now you know that the final answer to this equation.Can-you-solve-this-5

Answer = 1

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If you have solved the equation at the first look, then you are a genius. Now, it’s your time to ask this simple question to your friends “Can you solve this?” by sharing this post with them.



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