Can You Spot The Owl In This Picture? 99% People Failed To Find It

If you look at the picture below, you will think it is any normal picture of a tree. But, what if we tell you that there is a living species perfectly camouflaged in the picture below? We guess you won’t believe us because 99% fail to spot the owl in this picture.

Below picture is captured by Roan du Plessis, a safari guide at & Beyond’s Ngala Safari Lodge, a private game reserve in South Africa. The photographer captured the below pictures just to amaze the visitors with his skills of capturing fully camouflaged birds and animals.

Let’s check out the image below and find out if you can spot the owl or not.

Spot the owl if you can:

If you look at picture below, we bet you won’t notice anything other than trees. But, if you looker closer and try to spot an owl, you may see something. But we want to remind you that 99% people failed in this, so are you among the 1% or is your brain sharp enough to find the owl? Let’s see.


If you are able to spot the owl, then you have very sharp brains and eyes. But if you are not able to spot the owl, don’t worry we spotted the owl just for you. Look at the picture below:


If you still don’t believe that your eyes missed the owl, have a closer look at the zoomed picture below and let us know your reaction.

See Owl is sitting like a boss


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Also, let us know if you were able to spot the owl at the first look. Make sure to share this post with your friends and loved ones, so as to test their brain too.


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