Can You Guess Which Cars South Indian Stars Drive?

We all know that among the regional film industries in India, South Indian Film Industry beats the rest when it comes to class. Surely, their celebrities have a class that only one can dream of. But, have you ever wondered that how they carry their class and which cars these Want to know which Cars South Indian Stars Drive? No worries, we are here to help you. Today, we have made a list of some of the luxury cars that these South Indian Stars love to drive. Be it Aston, Rolls Royce, Hummer, South Indian film stars love to drive those beasts on the road. Check out the list of Cars South Indian Stars drive.

Cars South Indian Stars Drive:

1. After the success of Bahubali, Prabhas knows How it feels to be a Royal with his Rolls Royce Phantom!!FB_IMG_1453826760349

2. Mahesh Babu is for sure the Cutest South Indian Star, but he owns one of the Most Powerful Car.FB_IMG_1453826763443

3. Vijay drives home a Classy Rolls Royce Ghost EWB.FB_IMG_1453826767728

4. A big star knows how it feels to drive a Big Thing. Kamal Hassan drives home a Hummer H3.FB_IMG_1453826765594

5. Surya loves to drive with elegance and owns Audi A7.FB_IMG_1453826769921

6. Balakrishna drives home the most reliable car – BMW.FB_IMG_1453826776241

7. Ajith loves to showcase the Beauty and Speed of his machine BMW i8.FB_IMG_1453826773160

8. Unlike his Different Roles, Pawan drives a single beauty home Audi Q7.FB_IMG_1453826778498

9. Allu Arjun surely knows how to make an impact with his BMW X6.FB_IMG_1453826780717

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10. Superstar from the Movie ‘I’ loves the Speed Game and so, drives Audi R8.FB_IMG_1453826783061

11. Chiranjeevi is a Superstar and surely knows how to carry the class with his Rolls Royce Phantom.FB_IMG_1453826790135

12. Son of a Superstar and a born talent Ram Charan drives the Bond Car Aston Martin.FB_IMG_1453826785573

13. Our Beloved Dhanush who is making Hollywood Debut soon drives home an Audi 8.FB_IMG_1453826792815

14. Last, but not the least Junior NTR showcase his passion with this beauty Porsche 911.FB_IMG_1453826795493

Also, let us know about any other cars South Indian stars drive. And make sure to share this post with your friends so that they can be surprised too.


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