Anything Can Happen in Love, War And South Indian Movies

When someone says that Hollywood or Bollywood shows don’t show reality, then we bet that they haven’t seen South Indian movies yet. Seriously, these Movies have set a bar for the cinema all over the world. Their stunts, props and their characters are too damn loud in the movies. They can literally fly with four wheelers, slide with a horse, and can play with broken bones. All of you who have seen in these movies will agree to our point that there is nothing in the world that you can’t do in those movies. While, all we can say is – Anything can happen in Love, War, and South Indian Movies and you can check out the reasons below.

Anything Can Happen in Love, War, and South Indian Movies:

Who Needs a Plane When you can actually Fly in your Car.South-Indian-Movies

Only in South Indian Movies, you don’t need a Fan to Cool down. Your Legs will do the work for you.South-Indian-Movies0

Forget Everything that you have studied in your School/College. Your Chest is like a Locker and Your heart looks like this.South-Indian-Movies-2

Sliding in Ski-Fi movies with Motor Bikes is not that creative. The only thing that can make an Impact is when you literally slide with a Horse.South-Indian-Movies-2

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Small Knives/Guns are too mainstream, their Weapons are as huge as their heart.South-Indian-Movies-8

Also, let us know if you like South Indian movies and which movie is your favourite one. And make sure you share this post with your loved ones.



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