10 Brutally Honest Movie Posters That Are So Better Than The Originals

How many times you saw a movie poster and thought that it’s going to be the best movie ever? But after watching those movies, sometimes you would have wished only for the Honest Movie Posters. Yes, right! sometimes movie titles are so different from the context of the movie that the only you need is Honest Movie Posters. Today, we have listed down some of the brutally honest movie posters having the honest movie titles. You can thank us later for it. So without killing your excitement, let us check out these honest posters that are so better than the originals.

Honest Movie Posters:

1. 300


You couldn’t agree with us more when we say 300 movie was a complete showdown of the men with 6 pack abs who are on a suicide mission.

2. Avatar


We suppose that James Cameron is the only Director who can spend so much money on a single movie.

3. The Life of Pi


The only thing we liked about the movie was its CGI effects. Amazing, aren’t they?

4. The Martian


There was nothing new in the movie Martian except the Matt Damon rescue mission, this time, was set on some other planet.

5. Identity Thief


The only thing you are going to learn from this movie are some jokes on Fat people.

6. Transformers


Transformers and loud noises go hand in hand, don’t they?

7. Her


Isn’t it the most brutally honest title?

8. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug


We can’t agree more with this title. Can you think of any other honest title?

9. Fast 6


Only the dudes can understand this title and why they are crazy for this movie?

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10. The Happening


Nothing happens in the movie, literally nothing.

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