10 Of The Bizarre Bollywood Movie Titles Of All Time

Nowadays, the makers of any film would make sure the movie name is pleasing, like say Welcome to Karachi or a Bombay Velvet, even if the movie in itself is the opposite of the same. But it was not always the case. As we browse the internet to find some useful stuff, we came across these weirdly funny or Bizarre Bollywood Movie Titles. Mind you, some of these movies were mini-classics, but the rest of the films sank leaving their titles as a reminder that – Once upon a time, Bollywood sucked at giving names to their own movies!

Check out our collection of Bizarre Bollywood Movie Titles here:

1. Paap Ko Jalaa Kar Raakh Kar DoongaMovies-10

2. Murde Ki Jaan Khatre MeinMovies-9

3. Main Nashe Mein HoonMovies-8

4. Lambu in Hong KongMovies-7

5. Jal Bin Machhli Nritya Bin BijliMovies-6

6. Dhoti Lota aur ChowpattyMovies-5

7. Bhediyon Ka SamoohMovies-4

8. Basanti TangewaliMovies-3

9. Allah Meherban To Gadha PehelwanMovies-2

10. Akeli Mat JaiyoMovies-1

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Let us know if you know any other ‘Bizarre Bollywood Movie Titles’ in the comments section below.


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