5 Tips to Help Your Brand Market Online Better

In 2019, expenditure on online advertising jumped by nearly 20% to a stunning total of $145.3 billion. You can rest assured that this figure will continue to climb in the years to come.

So what are you supposed to do when your brand can’t afford to spend hundreds of thousands on a digital campaign? Get crafty, of course!

Keep reading to find out how you can market online better!

1. Invest in a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign

You know how Google sometimes shows a result in a special box labelled ‘ad’ or how Facebook allows paid advertising? These are examples of PPC marketing, and they can be tremendously effective.

As this guide to PPC campaign management states, PPC campaigns generate quick yet strong results, boosting awareness and helping businesses smash their goals.

If you’re looking for big results in a short amount of time, give it a try.

2. Develop a Voice

The web gives every brand a chance to use their voices. But if those voices aren’t unique, odds are your customers won’t pay attention.

Your company needs to develop an identity of its own – one with a unique voice capable of delivering your message to consumers in a way that comes across as genuine and not pandering.

3. Better Understand Your Analytics

While you may not have a crystal ball, analytics tools are the next best thing, predicting trends and allowing you to better map out the future of your online advertising strategy.

Get in the habit of studying your analytics regularly. Spend time tinkering with your software, too. The better you understand your analytics capabilities, the more information you can glean, and the more effective you can make your marketing.

4. Rethink Your Content Strategy

Maybe you’re putting out great content that you think should drive sales, yet you’re not seeing a return.

While it’s great that you understand the value of content marketing, it’s important to remember that content shouldn’t aim to sell a product. Instead, aim to inform your audience or entertain them.

Think of your blog as a free sample. First and foremost, demonstrate your knowledge and attempt to add value to customers’ lives.

If the content is genuine, helpful, and informative, sales should soon. No heavy-handed copy is necessary!

5. Recycle Old Content

That’s right; content creation is so important that we had to talk about it twice!

Once you’re in the habit of delivering fantastic content, think about how you can repurpose that content down the line like turning a blog post into a video. Evergreen content can save your business a ton of time, and ergo, money.

As you think about repurposing old content, consider what you can add to your content. What’s changed since you first published the piece? What requires further explanation?

Aim to enhance that old content and freshen it up.

Market Online Like the Masters

You don’t need millions of dollars to market online. You’ll need a few great ideas, a unique voice, and some help from a PPC campaign.

If nothing else, make sure your marketing is genuine, fun, and informative in all ways.

And if you’re interested in learning more about brand online marketing, make sure to check back with our blog!


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