These Unbelievable Animal Sculptures Are Made By Rolling Newspapers

We have seen people making realistic animal sculptures from wood, rocks, tires and even balloons but we are sure that you haven’t seen anyone making animal sculptures by rolling newspapers. Yes, you read that right, a Japanese artist Chie Hitotsuyama makes use of newspapers in a whole new way. She proves that if you have an artistic mind, then the whole world is an empty canvas for you and you can create art anywhere and with anything.

Hitotsuyama uses newspapers and turn the light-weight newspapers into amazing realistic animal sculptures. The artist makes the sculptures by densely rolling, twisting and binding pieces of wet newspaper. Although, it seems an easy job but let us tell you that’s it a pretty hard job of rolling newspapers. The sculptures are purely hand crafted and it takes several hours to complete a single sculpture.

Hitotsuyama also uses coloured papers to enhance the minute details of the sculptures.



From lizards to monkeys, the artist’s creation looks unbelievably real.



We usually throw newspapers in the trash but she taught us that you can create art from anything.



Doesn’t these animal sculptures look incredibly realistic?



Although it looks easy but rolling newspapers to create animal sculptures is a tiring job.



The Japanese artist has to roll every single piece of newspaper and then bind all of them perfectly to create a masterpiece.


Creating is the same as learning to me
All things in life connect to form shapes –  Chie Hitotsuyama

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If you liked this art of rolling newspapers to create realistic animal sculptures and want to see more of this work, then do visit her website given below.

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