13 Actresses Who Can Be Perfectly Cast As Disney Princesses

Admit that we all, at some point in time, had a crush on the beautiful Disney princesses. The Disney princesses looked so cute and beautiful in our childhood days that we used to wait every day to have a glimpse of those beautiful girls. Now, since we have become an adult, we don’t get time to watch cartoons as we only watch movies once in a while. But, we really wish that Disney will make non-animated movies with real life actresses and for that, we have listed down 13 actresses who can be perfectly cast as Disney princesses.

We have chosen some of the most beautiful and cutest Hollywood actresses that are a perfect role for a Disney princess. After you compare the looks of the actresses and the respective Disney princesses below, we are sure that you will wonder how you missed that. We really hope that Disney makes non-animated movies so that the actresses can be perfectly cast as Disney princesses. Let’s have a look at these beautiful Hollywood actresses who can be perfectly cast as Disney princesses.

  1. Ariel – Emma Watson
  2. Elsa – Emma Stone
  3. Anna – Anna Kendrick
  4. Rapunzel – Rachel McAdams
  5. Tiana – Anika Noni Rose
  6. Jasmine – Mila Kunis
  7. Belle – Natalie Portman
  8. Snow White – Anne Hathaway
  9. Pocahontas – Olivia Munn
  10. Sleeping Beauty – Scarlett Johansson
  11. Cinderella – Amanda Seyfried
  12. Mulan – Shu Qi
  13. Alice – Hayden Panettiere


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