Top 10 Cute Hollywood Actresses That Are Too Pretty And Beautiful

You may have gone through our list of top 10 hottest Hollywood actress or top 10 bold Hollywood actresses. If you liked those posts, we have come up with a new list of top 10 cute Hollywood actresses that look so pretty and beautiful on-screen. Cuteness is something that comes with your sweet attitude and these cute Hollywood actresses have ample of that thing.

While we have seen that some of the Hollywood actresses like Megan Fox know how to be seductive and hot on-screen, yet there are some other actresses who can kill you with their smile. These actresses don’t need a hot body or seductive image to make people die for them, indeed they are so cute that people can do anything just to have a glimpse of these actresses. So, let’s have a look at these cute Hollywood actresses.

10. Marion Cotillard


You may remember the cute French actress as the main villain in the movie The Dark Knight Rises, but the 41-year-old actress is a cutie in real life. Marion Cotillard has appeared in more than hundred movies in her career and is a darling for the audience. The actress has also received France’s highest honour as she was named a Chevalier (Knight) of the Légion d’Honneur(Legion of Honor).

9. Alexandra Daddario


We bet most of you have fantasised this cute actress after you saw her in the Percy Jackson movie series and who can forget her complete nude scene in one of the episodes of True Detective. The actress was considered as a sex symbol by Rolling Stone and is also named in the list of 100 Sexiest Women in the World by Maxim. Alexandra is once again to ready to sizzle on the silver screen in her upcoming movie Baywatch.

8. Natalie Portman


We know that in most people view, Natalie Portman is the cutest Hollywood actress and why not, she’s got the cutest face in the town. The actress is also one of the most educated stars in the industry. Portman is still the queen of many hearts and is considered as one of the most beautiful actresses in the Hollywood industry.

7. Kristen Stewart


The Twilight star became a sensation after she played the role of Isabella “Bella” Swan in the famous movie series Twilight. Although the actress was hugely criticised for her expressionless acting but it didn’t bother Kristen Stewart because of her huge fan following who still find the actress cute and sexy and that’s the reason she has featured on our list of cute Hollywood actresses.

6. Jessica Alba


We bet most of you have guessed that Jessica Alba will be on this list and how can we forget to include the hottest celebrity mom? If there is a list of the cutest Hollywood actress of all time, then we are sure that Jessica Alba would have topped that list because we all know that she is the hottest and sexiest celebrity of all time.

5. Anne Hathaway


Taking the no. 5th spot is none other than the actress who redefined boldness in the industry by featuring in some of the boldest movies ever made in Hollywood. It would not be wise to call Anne Hathaway as a cute actress because the actress has all the features that make her beautiful, sexy, hot and everything that defines the beauty of a woman.

4. Emma Watson


We all have seen Emma Watson growing from a cute little girl to a stunning young woman. She absolutely nailed the Harry Potter series with her performance as Hermione Granger. Although the actress has acted in a number of movies since then but she will always be remembered as a sweet and cute girl from the Harry Potter series.

3. Dakota Johnson


Next on our list of top 10 cute Hollywood actresses is none other than Dakota Johnson. The actress got worldwide fame after she played the role of Anastasia Steele in the romantic drama Fifty Shades of Grey. We mean who can forget her steamy hot scenes in the movie? But still, we believe that she would be the best choice to play cute girls on-screen.

2. Emmy Rossum


If there is anyone whom you would not expect on this list, then she is definitely going to be Emmy Rossum. But, you gotta admit that the actress is a kind of cute and sexy. If you have seen her famous TV series Shameless, you would come to know that why she is the runner-up on the list of top 10 cute Hollywood actresses. If you haven’t seen the TV Series, make sure to watch it to find out the reason behind her inclusion on the list.

1. Emma Stone


Without any doubt, the actress that topped the list of cute Hollywood actresses is Emma Stone. Well, Emma is one hell of a cute chic and definitely, she is pretty and beautiful. You may have seen the actress playing the lead role of Gwen Stacy in the superhero film series The Amazing Spider-Man. We bet you can’t find an actress who is cuter than Emma Stone.

Also, let us know if you think we should include any other actress in this list of top 10 cute Hollywood actresses. If you liked the post, make sure to share this post with your friends and loved ones.


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