Pokemon Go Players,This Japanese Artist Draws Real Life Pokemon

Imagine a world with real life Pokemon, you will get to catch them all. Can you? No, in fact Pokemon Go players can’t even imagine it. But, a Japanese artist has the power to imagine this and draw Pokemon as what they would look like if they are animals in real world. Furthermore, if you are tired of catching the Pokemon or done with your collection, these illustrations of real life Pokemon will get you amazed. A Japanese artist named Totomame has been creating new Pokémon characters for a couple years now, giving them a more realistic feel. Check out his amazing collection.

Real Life Pokemon:

1. Pikachu

Real Life Pokemon Go Pikachu

2. HonchkrowReal Life Pokemon Go Honchkrow

3. HelioptileReal Life Pokemon Go Helioptile

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4. BreloomReal Life Pokemon Go Breloom

5. MiltankReal Life Pokemon Go Miltank

6. MiloticReal Life Pokemon Go Milotic

7. SeismitoadReal Life Pokemon Go Seismitoad

In addition, Totomame mixes the classic cute beast designs with the looks of real-life animals, producing a Pokemon collection that’s more grounded in real life.

8. Plusle and MinunReal Life Pokemon Go Plusle and Minun

9. Meowth and MewReal Life Pokemon Go Meowth and Mew

10. LucarioReal Life Pokemon Go Lucario

11. AzurillReal Life Pokemon Go Azurill

12. VenusaurReal Life Pokemon Go Venusaur

Can you decide which one is better, classic Pokemon or these Pokemen?Also, let us know if you have seen a real life Pokemon lately.