10 Of The Most Funny & Hilarious ‘Magazine And Newspaper Fails’ Ever

News is News, sometimes it is bad and sometimes it is good. While we all know that before the invention of Internet, the only thing that tells us what’s happening in the world was Magazines and Newspapers. At that time, there were only few newspapers and those were good for us. But, now with the increasing competition, mainly from the Internet, Newspapers and Magazines sometimes publish news that are too funny to handle. Sometimes different headlines on a same page makes another sense and that is too hilarious. While the other times, the editors make us laugh with their funny headlines. Today, we got 10 of the most funny and hilarious ‘Magazine and Newspaper Fails’ that will make you go ROFL. Check them out and do share with your loved ones.

Most Funny & Hilarious ‘Magazine And Newspaper Fails’:

1. At least, Cows don’t get monthly salaries and yearly appraisals.

Magazine And Newspaper Fails (2)

2. We are sure that no body wants to win that Dream Holiday package.

Magazine And Newspaper Fails (5)

3. Sometimes all you need to say is ‘No’ especially when news next to you is like this.

Magazine And Newspaper Fails (8)

4. Oops Moment!

Magazine And Newspaper Fails (7)

5. You can’t play with the Royals like that.

Magazine And Newspaper Fails (4)

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6. Please don’t show the real you, at-least not on this newspaper.

Magazine And Newspaper Fails (10)

7. When the whole city is too drunk to know the use of Sewer. 

Magazine And Newspaper Fails (9)

8. When you directly Copy-Paste the lines from your Website/Blog.

Magazine And Newspaper Fails

9. That happens when the placement of the news headlines is too damn wrong.

Magazine And Newspaper Fails (3)

10. Well! Ahm Ahm, That’s not what you think it is.

Magazine And Newspaper Fails (6)

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