10 Hilarious & Funny Tattoo Fails That Will Make You Go ROFL

Sometimes its better to spend few extra bucks and go to an experience tattoo artist. Tattoo making is an art and people want to get inked by spending only few bucks. Tattoo is something that’s going to be your identity for along period of time and believe us that you will not want your tattoo to be called a Fail. Today, we are going to show you 10 such hilarious and Funny Tattoo Fails that will make you go ROFL. Also, after seeing these funny tattoo fails, you will want to make sure that your Tattoo artist is good enough to make a decent tattoo on your body. Go on and have a look.

Hilarious & Funny Tattoo Fails

1. When your Tattoo Artist doesn’t have any idea about the direction in which his life is going.Funny-Tattoo-Fails-Directions

2. It happens when you are high on Drugs and forget a ‘T’. Funny-Tattoo-Fails-Wrong-English-2

3. While you wanted a Chinese Dragon and got one of the funny tattoo fails.Funny-Tattoo-Fails-Chinese-Dragon

4. Yes, absolutely right! Knowledge is Power(Only if you had knowledge before this tattoo).Funny-Tattoo-Fails-Knowledge

5. When your Tattoo artist is a 10 year old Kid and the level of copying is too damn high.Funny-Tattoo-Fails-Copy

6. When you are low on budget and desperately want a lion on your Biceps.Funny-Tattoo-Fails-Lion

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7. Believe us when we say that MJ would have died twice after seeing this.Funny-Tattoo-Fails-MJ

8. Girl! What are your trying to say? Please explain the degree of the ‘Angle’.Funny-Tattoo-Fails-Mom-Is-Angle

9. Want to scare your neighbor kids? Try these Funny Tattoo Fails.Funny-Tattoo-Fails-Soccer

10. Believe us when we say- Your mother is going to kill you for this wrong English. Funny-Tattoo-Fails-Wrong-English

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