Easiest DIY On The Internet- How to Make Clay From Bread

Today, we are going to show you how to make clay from bread, easiest DIY available on the Internet. Your Kids will love this DIY and You don’t need much ingredients, all you will need is Bread, some Glue and that’s it. You can also use some colors if you want to create some excellent shapes as shown in the tutorials below.

How to Make Clay from Bread:

Step 1:How to Make Clay from BreadTake any type of Bread and cut all its sides like that shown above in the picture. Take any number of slices you depending upon your need.

Step 2:How to Make Clay from Bread (2)Crush the Bread with hands into a Bowl. Make it simple and fine.

Step 3:How to Make Clay from Bread (3)Add 1 Tbsp of Glue/Fevicol. Make sure to add glue into the mixture depending upon the quantity of Bread slices taken.

Step 4:How to Make Clay from Bread (4)Also, Add 1Tbsp of any Dish Wash Liquid. You can use any Dish wash liquid, be it strong or be light , depending upon the use.

Step 5:How to Make Clay from Bread (5)

it’s our favourite part, mix well until it turns into Uniform Soft Mass. Just, mix it for some time like you do with the flour.

How to Make Clay from Bread (6)

Step 6:How to Make Clay from Bread (7)

Let it Dry for 24 hours or more. Greater the time for which you keep it, more will be the quality of the clay. And at last, your clay is ready to take any shape of your choice. Believe us when we say, your kids are going to love this.

You can give it any shape of your choice. Be it, a toy for your little one or any sculpture for decoration your home. You can also paint it and make Cute/Funny Characters as shown below. Make sure, to let it dry for some time depending upon the quality of the paint used. We recommend using Child-Friendly paints without much chemicals.

How to Make Clay from Bread (8)Finally, your end product is ready to play with. Isn’t it the easiest DIY project of “How to Make Clay from Bread”?

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