10 Viral Pictures On Internet That Were Actually Fake

Picture fakery is as old as photography, but the Internet Age sure has made things more interesting. It’s not just that so many people out there seem to have great Photoshop skills, but also that they’re using their skills for satire and art. Let’s check out the 10 Viral Pictures on Internet that were actually fake.

Viral Pictures on Internet that were actually fake

1. Hand of Gods.Viral-Photos-1

This Picture of “Gods Shaking Hand” to destroy the earth is completely fake. Gods don’t like to show off though.


2. Sharks in a Subway station.Viral-Photos-2

Obviously, sharks don’t travel by train.


3. People loves sharks, don’t they?Viral-Photos-3

Can’t tell you how much people love to Photoshop these sharks.


4. Plane Crashing.Viral-Photos-4

It is not an actual footage of a plane crashing. It is a random shot from a TV show.


5. Hurricane approaching New York.Viral-Photos-5

You are safe, don’t need to panic. Avengers are there to save us from everything, till its photoshopped.


6. A Boy Who Chained His Bike To A Tree In 1914 To Fight In A War And Never Returned.Viral-Photos-6

Heart touching fake story- A boy went to war and never returned.


7. India during Diwali Night.Viral-Photos-7

So, much lighting and so many fools who get caught by these fake viral photo from International Space Station.

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8. Pilot Selfie.Viral-Photos-8

The background of this image is created by some talented artists. Remember, Selfie is injurious to health and especially, this type of selfie.


9. Alien Spiders.Viral-Photos-9

Keep calm, you are not under alien attack. You just need to be safe from those Photoshop artists.


10. Underwater Railway Station.Viral-Photos-10

I wish some station to be as cool as this Fake station. It is one of the most famous viral pictures on Internet that were actually fake.



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